Monday, May 11, 2015

Working your Body FULLThrottle at Universal Athletic Club

Head to Toe workouts should start somewhere with your legs. 
Should involve upper body strength.  Compound moves are always a bonus (integrating upper and lower or more than one focus area)
speed or timed intervals are always a plus to get the biggest burn.
Core training should always be the icing at the end of your workout. 

Have you ever hear of HIIT workouts.  High Intensity Interval Training.

Les Mills Grit is a HIIT workout.  30 minutes and intense.  Thanks to our Club photographer at Universal Athletic Club where I get to not only coach but be coached in Grit my fitness level has reached new heights.  Look for club near you if you are ready to take your fitness to the next level.
Photos by Andy G. At Universal Athletic Club
Squats, with weights or without.  Work those legs.  16 to start, anywhere between 25-50 by the time you finish

Train explosive power.  Good place to start.....Small hops, jump rope, Sprints, Jumping jacks, Mountain climbers

Photos by Andy G. at Universal Athletic Club

Photo by Andy G. at Universal Athletic Club

Push ups, on your knees or toes.  You can start  by doing them on a wall, a bench.  Lying down on a bench or floor and pressing a bar or weight is a great place to start.

Photo by Andy G. at Universal Athletic Club

Stationary or stepping lunges are great to strengthen your legs.  We all need to be able to get up and down every day.  Keep your legs moving well.
Photo by Andy G. at Universal Athletic Club
What training feels like when you're done.  Notice I said training.  Pick and choose which days to go hard but don't do it every time.

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